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Register Passwordless Authentication#

Add passwordless authentication to secure your account.

  1. Go to personal information - passwordless authentication
  2. Click add authenticator
  3. Enter a name for your authentication
  4. You have three options to register a new method
    • Directly register a new method
    • Send a link to your email address
    • Generate a QR Code to scan with another device (e.g. Mobile Phone)
  5. Directly register a new method
    1. Your device/browser will show you the possibilities you have
    2. Choose your preferred method
    3. Verify your method (e.g. Finger Scan, Face Recognition, Hardware Token, etc..)

If you use different browsers, make sure you register all of them, otherwise you will not be able to use passwordless registration everywhere. This doesn't count for hardware tokens, as these are device independent.

Add Passwordless