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We provide services to setup our ZITADEL with the operators also provided by us.

In Scope

  • Check prerequisites and architecture
  • Installation and configuration of ZITADEL with the ZITADEL-operator
  • Installation and configuration of CockroachDB with the Database-operator
  • Functional testing of the ZITADEL instance

Out of Scope

  • Running multiple ZITADEL instances on the same cluster
  • Integration into internal monitoring and alerting
  • Multi-cluster architecture deployments
  • DNS, Network and Firewall configuration
  • Kubernetes configuration
  • Changes for specific environments
  • Performance testing
  • Production deployment
  • Application-side coding, configuration, or tuning
  • Changes or configuration on assets used in ZITADEL
  • Setting up or maintaining backup storage


  • Running Kubernetes with possibility to deploy to namespaces caos-system and caos-zitadel
  • Volume provisioner for Kubernetes to fill Persistent Volume Claims
  • S3-storage for assets in ZITADEL
  • S3-storage or Google Cloud Bucket for backups of the database
  • Inbound and outbound gRPC-Web traffic possible(for example not natively supported by nginx)
  • Prerequisites listed for a managed instance, limited to functionality for ZITADEL


  • Running CockroachDB
  • Running ZITADEL
  • Running backups for ZITADEL

Time Estimate

8 hours