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Brand Customization

ZITADEL offers various customization options for your projects brand design. Head over to the Private Labeling Policy on your Organization Page.

How it works#

You are able to customize the light and a dark mode separately. All your changes will be shown in the preview window on the right side. As soon as you are happy with your configuration click the "Apply configuration" button. After this your settings will trigger in your system. The login and the emails will be sent with your branding.


Private Labeling


Upload your logo for the chosen theme, as soon as it is uploaded the preview on the right side of the screen should show it.


In the next part you can configure your colors. Background colour is self-explanatory, the primary color will be used for buttons, links and some highlights. The warn color is used for all the error messages and warnings and the font colour for texts.


Last step to apply to your branding is the font upload. The best way is to upload a ttf file after a successful upload you will see it in the font part, but not in the preview.

Advanced Settings#

In the advanced behavior you can choose if the loginname suffix (domain e.g [email protected]) should be shown in the loginname screen or not and if the “ZITADEL watermark” should be hidden.

Trigger the private labeling for the login#

If you like to trigger your settings for your applications you have different possibilities.

1. Primary Domain Scope#

Send a primary domain scope with your authorization request to trigger your organization. The primary domain scope will restrict the login to your organization, so only users of your own organization will be able to login.

See the following link as an example. Users will be able to register and login to the organization that verified the domain only.

Make sure to replace the domain with your own domain to trigger the correct branding.


This example uses the ZITADEL Cloud Application for demonstration. You need to create your own auth request with your applications parameters. Please see the docs to construct an Auth Request.

2. Setting on your Project#

Set the private labeling setting on your project to define which branding should trigger.

Reset to default#

If you don't like your customization anymore click the "reset policy" button. All your settings will be removed and the default settings of the system will trigger.